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Out on the streets

March 1, 2012

I’m often known to utter the phrase, “out on the streets.” For example, if someone asks me where I got something I am very likely to respond, “out on the streets.” If a student asks me when they are going to use something I’ve taught them I say, “out on the streets.” When we learn new vocab words I make sure everyone can pronounce them correctly so that they’ll be ready to use them, “out on the streets.” This phraseology was a little more effective when I taught in a sprawling metropolis because there were just way more streets, and seedier streets. I’d explain to the kids if they every found themselves walking down a dark alley that knowledge of things like what a  proper adjective is could come in handy if they encountered a suspicious stranger. That and a switch blade. Here we have like two streets both of which are lovely, in my opinion. I did encounter one of my students in the grocery store yesterday. As I passed him he intentionally mispronounced one of our vocab words. I was tempted to shank him in the gut with my shiv, but then thought better of it. An impromptu rap battle probably would have been the most appropriate solution, but instead I just laughed and continued on my search for string cheese. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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