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How I spent my Leap Day and other heart warming tales

February 29, 2012

From time to time we have weather here in Kentucky. Today was one of those times. My region of the state got lucky in that the storms passed around our school without incident. Several of the neighboring counties had tornadoes touch down, destroying some buildings. We’ve heard of no reported loss of life yet in our area, but there were definitely some fierce storms.

Due to the extreme weather my sinuses are acting up. It feels like an invisible third grader is standing on my head. This took a little of the razzle dazzle out of my Leap Day observances. Here is a list of how I leapt in 2-29-2012

  • Made orange rolls for Geoff as a special treat.
  • Brought breakfast to some of my favorite students who were volunteering at our school’s blood drive early this morning.
  • Faithfully executed my Wednesday morning duty by guarding the trash can in front of the gym (predictably forgot to faithfully execute my Wednesday afternoon duty).
  • Taught kids about the Holocaust and the horrible things that humans have a history of doing to each other.
  • Taught kids how to effectively organize their material while doing research.
  • Borrowed one of the coolest books I’ve ever seen about baseball from the library.
  • Discussed DNA extraction and its applications with one of my yearbook kids.
  • Juggled oranges to mesmerize (and tranquilize) one of my ADD boys.
  • Marveled at the more frequent than normal yells coming from the alternative school that happens to be directly next to my classroom.
  • Enjoyed a luncheon created by the culinary arts students consisting entirely of recipes found on Pinterst.
  • Loitered, dawdled, engaged in fits of fancy, whimsical musing, and a moderate amount of chisme.
  • Helped a feisty little lady complete a scholarship essay.
  • Blew my nose like one million times.
  • Talked to my dogs.
  • Google “lighthouse for the bling” on accident.
  • Heated up a Stofer’s Lasagna.
  • Completed the reading portion of my homework.
  • Drank the favorite libation of the most interesting man in the world.
  • Ate the Stofer’s Lasagna.
  • Did not watch any TV in spite of Geoff’s watching a DVRed Amazing Race.
  • Experienced an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and gratitude for the blessings in every day.
  • Remembered that really, every day is a Leap Day because no day is guaranteed. Each day is an extra day for which we should be thankful and of which we should make the most.
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  1. Uncle Chris permalink
    March 1, 2012 5:40 PM

    Lindsey that is officially the coolest Leap Day i have ever heard of. Nice going and I too wouldn’t put a lot of Credence in Leap day Juju. Love ya.

    Uncle Chris

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