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TV-less listing

February 24, 2012
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Here is a brief, yet comprehensive list of my observations to-date about having given up TV for Lent:

  • Turns out, while I do watch a lot of TV programs, and frequently have TV on as a backdrop to my life, I also waste quite a bit of time on the internet.
  • I have read one new play, one old book, and some of my homework reading for school.
  • I have had more meaningful conversations with my husband even though we have spent less time in the same room together.
  • I have sung many songs, too many to count, most of them not real.
  • I have prayed for people and myself.
  • For whatever reason I have not cleaned the kitchen or folded the laundry, though I thought I might.
  • I have power napped.
  • I have thought deeply about the past and future.
  • I have discovered how much I love our house in silence.
  • I know Sunday I will feel the magnitude of my TV fast as I do not watch the Oscars.

The first few days have been about not watching TV. I hope the rest of Lent for me will be about using my new free time more meaningfully. Baby steps.

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  1. Chatty permalink
    February 25, 2012 9:33 AM

    Just FYI – Sundays are not considered a part of your Lenten discipline. If you count them, there would actually be 47 days of Lent, not 40. Sundays are always considered “little Easters” theologically and therefore, you are not obligated to follow your Lenten discipline on those celebration days. They are actually Sundays “in” Lent, not “of” Lent.
    Your pastor for life, Chatty

    • February 25, 2012 4:35 PM

      Chatty, does that mean, as my pastor, you are advising me to watch the Oscars? I knew there were multiple reasons I’ve always loved you.

      Sent from my iPhone

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