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Live Blog: Thanksgiving, part 10–a house divided

November 25, 2011
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If you are not a fan of college football, or the SEC, or sports, then you probably do not know that at 2:30 PM EST today the Louisiana State University Tigers are playing an important game against the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas. To a normal household this pivotal game does not pose a problem, but in my household, today is a little bit tricky. You see, I am married to a razorback and my people are tigers. In pre-school my brother convinced his class, teacher included, to say the pledge of allegiance to the LSU flag instead of the stars and stripes. In almost all of my baby pictures I am wearing tiger paraphernalia. Geoff and I arranged to be on our honeymoon during the first LSU/ Arkansas game after we were married, but now is the time of reckoning.

I have prepared a lovely pulled pork lunch and am wearing an LSU shirt, and Arkansas shirt, and an LSU hat. My mom says I have betrayed her womb by wearing Arkansas’ colors. I can’t help but be a diplomatic hostess. This could be a long afternoon, especially because I myself am not super in to football.

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