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Live Blog: Thanksgiving, part 7

November 23, 2011

Let’s begin with dinner and work backwards. I quoteth Facebook: Our dinner plans were foiled so we are sitting in the pizza hut in Liberty and I am staring at a truly exquisite mullet. It’s an anniversary dream come true (exquisite because it is paired with a sleeveless shirt in November AND a complete goatee bro-stache combo). We had intended to go to the Bread of Life Cafe in Liberty, arriving only to discover that it was closed. Had we known we would have started our journey in Campbellsville where there are multiple dinner options, but alas we found ourselves on the night before Thanksgiving eating at the pizza hut. Nonetheless, a great time was had by all. And anniversary #3 goes into the books as the Pizza-Hut-Mullet-Dinner-versary :).

Prior to dinner we spent some time trying to get our turkeys out of trees. My brother-in-law’s puppy Rooi inadvertently chased several of our rare heritage breed turkey breading pairs across the creek and into the trees. We’re crossing our fingers that they’ll come down.

All in all TG Eve has been a blast. We had a two part field trip to L-ville, we chased turkeys, we dined with the fam, and we did a lot of pre-cooking for tomorrow. I’m missing my little bro unbearably, but I shall keep calm and carry on!

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