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They call me Princess Leia

August 20, 2011



The 2011 Good Life Ranch internship season has officially come to an end. Yesterday Geoff took our last two interns, Dana and Meredith, to the airport.

Before they departed the girls begged me to indulge their request to, “Please let us give you Princess Leia hair.” What’s a farmerlady to do? My hair is not quite as long as it used to be, so my side buns were not as majestic as they could be, but evidently they were enough to satisfy the girls. I will certainly miss their whimsy, their exuberance,  and the songs of joy they brought to the farm. I regret that I had to work in town during so much of their internship, but it had its perks. I kind of felt like a fifties dad coming home from a long day at the office. The kids were super glad to see me, due in large part to the fact that my arrival home usually signified the end of their work day and the fact that I was not the one assigning them farm jobs to do. Fifties dads have it easy. We get all the glory and none of the parenting responsibility. Geoff did great as Dona Reed though. He kept the kids off the streets, away from drugs, and taught them the value of a hard day’s work.

All in all I would say our first rounds of internships were very successful. The interns got a taste of sustainable farming, the ups and downs of farm life, construction experience, and life in rural Kentucky. For kids from a large city over one thousand miles a way it was definitely a change of pace. We benefited from having extra hands on deck during the busiest season on a farm–summer.

The bulk of the organization and mentoring fell on Geoff’s shoulders and he did a fantastic job of creating valuable learning experiences for the interns. With this initial success I know the program will grow. We will hopefully be able to offer these quality learning experiences to many more students from all over the country. It has been a great summer filled with laughter and learning.








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  1. Sheila McGuire permalink
    August 20, 2011 2:00 PM

    Personally, Geoff has always reminded me more of June Cleaver than Donna Reed.

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