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On the bright side.

June 19, 2011

I know my last post was a downer, as life can sometimes be out here. But I wanted to follow it up with a post filled with nothing but positives. We have a lot to be happy about here on the farm. We have been exceptionally blessed to host two great interns from San Antonio for the past week now. Geoff, or “the foreman” as I have taken to calling him, has kept us all busy getting the ranch ship shape and ready for the next phases of our development. Allow me to introduce Alexa and Cameron:

You can read Alexa and Cameron’s bios here or here. Although their arrival was tinged with the sadness of Maggie’s passing, they have been truly fantastic interns so far. On their first night with us they helped to make their own dinner–GLR pizzas with farm fresh ingredients. They have also created a new and improved goat shelter:

And they have been on two field trips. One to Mamoth Cave and the other to Green River Lake:

Cameron wasn't ready for this one.

The day after Alexa and Cameron arrived we also got a visit from some of our dear friends from San Antonio, Adele and Bonnie. Adele is the proud mother of Scooter’s biological brother, Wilbur. She is also my dear friend. Bonnie is not the mom of any of Scooter’s relatives, but she taught on my team last year and is an awesome lady. Scooter loved getting to hang out with his brother and Wilbur loved the farm. He loved the turkeys a little too much and we had to have an emergency search party to bring back one that he scared away. It was both a land and water search. I piloted my kayak down the creek in our desperate search to bring the turkey home. Our search was not successful, but the turkey returned home without our help once he believed the coast was clear.

Wilbur and Scooter through the years:




Adele, Bonnie, and Wilbur stayed with us for almost a week. Having them arrive so closely to the interns turned out to be a great way to kick off the summer. Bonnie, Adele, and Wilbur are hilarious and helped serve as an immediate ice-breaker. Plus “the foreman” put them to work. Bonnie reminded us that “many hands make light work.” Together we weeded the two raised gardens, we planted corn, beans, and melons, we chased and rescued poultry, we cooked and ate some pretty fantastic meals, and we got to visit the world’s largest cave system.

I would like to give a big thank you to our friends Laura and Ron. They hosted our entire menagerie of interns and guests for a lovely evening on their house boat at the lake. They were gracious and welcoming and showed our group the best of times.

Life on the farm is good once again and we are excited for what awaits our new interns in the remaining two-weeks of their stay. Then on to the next batch! It is a busy summer.

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