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Baby Steps

June 5, 2011

Opening Day!


Red dragon and Nantes carrots


Swiss chard and broccoli

In terms of successful completion of established goals, Saturday’s farm stand opening was a complete success. Our goal was that people would see the farm stand and know that  it was there. I personally waved at about 100 cars during the four hour time frame that we were out at the stand, and at least fifty percent of those people waved back. In terms of actual customers who came to the farm and purchased produce, the number was right around zero. Technically it was exactly zero, but we did take some of our veggies into town and sold them to a friend and we sold some to our neighbor who is collaborating with us on the farm stand. We also got two groups of our Amish neighbors to agree to sell some of their produce at the stand as well. In the country things move very slowly, and we know that it will take us several weeks to establish ourselves in the community and begin to build a client base. We are on our way and learning invaluable lessons with each step.

For example, we learned that because of the extreme heat we are going to need to store the veggies on ice and spray them periodically with water to keep them from wilting. We kept them in the shade of the building this time, but that was not the wisest move in terms of drawing people in. Next Saturday we’ll put the veggies out under the canopies so passersby can see them, we’ll just have to keep them chilled so they stay looking crisp and fresh.

We are learning, we are keeping a positive attitude, and we will eventually see the fruits of our hard work. For now we will just have to console ourselves by eating the unsold fruits of our labor.

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  1. Uncle Chris permalink
    June 5, 2011 11:11 PM

    Sweetie your veggies look great and if we were here would have bought a lot of them from you. Keep tryin your stand looks phoenominal. God Bless and Good Luck! Love y’all

    Uncle Chris

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