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Return of the Mac

May 20, 2011


Who has two thumbs and just completed his first day teaching school in Kentucky? That guy ^.

Although today was the fourth to last school day in our area, it was Geoff’s first day as a substitute teacher. Because this is rural Kentucky, Geoff was notified that the district had hired him when his name appeared in the newspaper under the heading, “New Hires.” Within a day of the newspaper’s publication Geoff was called for his first gig. As coincidence would have it, Geoff subbed for my class today because the entire English department was out for a staff development. I will admit that I was a little nervous for Geoff throughout the day, but when I went to pick him up after school he was healthy, smiling, and stacking my desk chairs so that the custodian would have an easier time cleaning up. In fairness to Geoff, he has nearly a decade of teaching experience under his belt, so one day of subbing is literally NBD (no big deal), but that did not stop me from worrying. I know these kiddos. They are equal part Angel and Demon, with a little bit of HeeHaw thrown in for flavor. Geoff did great, he looked precious, and as he put it, “I earned myself a little calf money.” That’s not a euphemism. Literally money he will use to by a calf. Farmer Geoff wears many hats.

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  1. Uncle Chris permalink
    May 20, 2011 10:30 PM

    When are you buying the calf? I knew Geoff would do great!

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