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What have I done for you lately?

May 9, 2011

The radishes are ready.

Dear America,

I know if has been a while since I have written. Please accept my apologies.  For those of you out there who are teachers and farmers you know this time of year is when the farm starts winding up and the school year starts winding down–both hectic, time consuming, wild times. On the farm, things are really blooming. Geoff has been hard at work planting, nurturing, weeding, dancing, prancing, and convincing things to grow. He has also been hard at work building. I will dedicate a special post later on to the “Yolks-wagon” Geoff’s latest project aptly named by  Geoff’s Dad. But for now, just know that all creatures great and small are flourishing. Above you can see evidence of the first veggies of the season, our crisp and crimson radishes (served in the Barefoot Contessa fashion).

GLR Spring Pizza with Asparagus, Canadian Bacon, Mushrooms, and Onions.

Our second vegetable harvest of the season has been our asparagus. It is a dream come true to walk out the back door, harvest asparagus, and eat it within minutes (sometimes seconds) of the harvest. It has been such a treat in fact that we have had NO extra asparagus to spare or sell. We’ve literally eaten every stalk that we’ve plucked.  The asparaguys tasted particularly delightful on our Friday Night GLR pizza. People who do not like vegetables should visit my house. I will win you over with some serious vegetable convincing. The asparaguys speak for themselves.

GLR Mint Julep for Derby Day.

If you are from or living in Kentucky, or if you are a fan of the ponies, then you know the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby was on Saturday. “The greatest two-minutes in sports” was as eventful as promised and was made all the more exciting by my first attempts at making mint juleps. When you google mint julep recipes you will quickly discover there are thousands. I chose a relatively straight-forward one from the Lexington news paper and we were pleased with the first go round. In the future I’ll get a little more creative. We have plenty of mint in the garden, so I am sure there are more juleps in our future.

Dr. Franken-geoff and his monster.

Our strawberries are nearly ready to harvest, so in order to protect them Geoff constructed a monster. Well, at least Scooter thinks it is a monster. He spent about 30 minutes barking at it last night. Hopefully the birds will be equally terrified. Unfortunately, Scooter is not a good barometer of animal terror. He is a frady-cat. As you can see Geoff and the monster have a lot in common–the square jaw, the proclivity for wide brimmed hats, the love of the outdoors, etc. If the scare-crow does his job well you can look forward to some strawberry related posts in the near future.

Poppies, I think.

And, best of all, the farm’s previous owner’s love of perennials is paying off again for us. We have had the constant blooming of some type of flower since the first daffodils of the season peaked their heads through the last snowfall of the season. Right now we are surrounded by gorgeous orange, pink, and purple poppies (I think), and two or three different kinds of irises. There are plenty more varieties set to bloom in the next few weeks, and there is still a chance the wisteria will bloom as well. Gorgeous!

Irises, my absolute favorite.

So, America, I am sorry to have neglected you for so long. I think I am back in the saddle for a while. We’ve got lots of adventures planned for this summer. In about a month we’ll welcome the first round of interns to the farm and things will start to get very exciting. Stay tuned!

Much love,


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  1. Uncle Chris permalink
    May 9, 2011 11:08 PM

    All I can say is Awesome. The Pizza made me hungry. I truly love asparagus and the flowers are beautiful.

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