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April 28, 2011


I’ve been thinking about The Golden Girls more than usual lately. We’ll speak another day about my love for sassy, irreverent senior citizens. Today what I’ve been thinking most about is the cheesecake. They ate cheesecake like every night. None of them died from cheesecake related complications. There was that episode where Rose had the heart scare, but I am not sure that the incident was directly linked to the cheesecake. I think it is because my brain is on fire with exciting ideas for the farm and for curriculum planning at school for next year that my thoughts have wandered to the whicker loving, lanai sitting, irascible  women of a certain age. The Golden Girls are like a margarita for your mind. They take the edge off. So my theory is this. The cheesecake has no significantly measurable negative effect on the ladies because of the shenanigans factor. Meaning, you can eat as much cheesecake as you want as long as you engage in enough shenanigans first (you can historically document these findings by carefully analyzing the “Lucy in the chocolate factory” episode of I Love Lucy). If you find yourself in the mood for some cheesecake all you have to do to mitigate the potentially negative effects on your health is stage an all senior version of A Streetcar Named Desire, or date three retirees in the same night, or beat up your gray haired daughter’s good for nothing ex-husband, or tell rambling stories about the peculiarities of Minnesotan villages. You know, the usual. And if you are able to maintain the appropriate level and intensity of shenanigans, then you actually create a cheesecake deficit. The only way to achieve homeostasis then is to eat more cheesecake. Simple as that.



Plenty has been happening on the farm and in life. I’ll update you all once we successfully get Prince William married off. Until then, make sure to up your daily intake of shenanigans. Your pancreas will thank you.
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  1. Uncle Chris permalink
    April 28, 2011 11:12 PM

    Prince William is important but don’t forget about the NFL Draft. After they are both over. Love ya

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