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The Beauty of Spring

March 21, 2011

If you take a walk in our yard here is a sampling of what you will see:

Doesn't the Rooster look stunning among the blooms?
















As with all afternoons on the farm, what starts out as one thing turns into another. My nature photography walk turned into a mission to deter unwanted bird colonies. Let me explain. There is a large  of constellation (group noun) of starlings roosting in our bamboo garden at night. By large I mean several thousand birds at once all landing at sunset. This many birds making a permanent home in such high concentrations on our property is not conducive to the ecosystem we are trying to create. So, Geoff decided to buy some predatory bird decoys in the hopes of scaring the starlings away (see photo below). These decoys must be placed on high roosts so that it looks to the starlings like they are being stalked by the birds of prey. We placed the “owl” on the telephone pole at the front ft eh bamboo garden and Geoff placed the “hawk” high atop a pine tree at the back of the bamboo garden (see photo). It is not a normal day at the farm without Geoff doing something harrowing.

When sunset came we eagerly looked out the windows to watch how effective the new starling deterrent system was. Like clockwork, at sunset, the marauding hoard of starlings arrived and thumbed their tiny starling noses at our fake birds of prey. Oh well. At least we’ve got some good pictures.











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  1. Cody permalink
    March 22, 2011 7:51 PM

    Walter and I can’t wait to visit!!!!!!!!!

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