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How Turkey got his groove back

March 16, 2011

Gobble Gobble What!?!

Does this turkey look self-satisfied to you? Look at his swagger. The cocky tilt of his head. The way he juts out his chest. Homeboy is proud, and as well he should be. After several days locked up in the love shack the Black Spanish Turkey ladies laid what we believe to be two fertilized eggs. Hooray!

You all know I am not shy about discussing animal fornication. When it comes to the turkeys, although we’ve all had a lot of fun at their expense, we really have been waiting for this day. If you recall, many contemporary turkeys have forgotten how to get it on. They’ve had the mojo genetically engineered right out of them. At GLR we don’t believe in letting the turkeys lose their mojo. In fact we are completely pro mojo, in all contexts.

So now that the Black Spanish turkeys have proven they can do it, we are hoping the Chocolate turkeys will follow their lead. We also hope that the turkey gentlemen are firing on all cylinders. The ladies have lived up to their end of the bargain. I felt good vibes coming from the love shack, so l think we can count on them.

Not only are we trying to train our turkeys to inseminate themselves, we also want to see what kind of mamas and papas they are. Geoff built them little nests and the eggs they laid are waiting in the nests. When the lady turks lay enough eggs they will start to roost and the incubation process will begin. With any luck in a little over a month we will be serenaded by the sonorous cheeps of little turkey babies.


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