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A Quick Scooter Story

March 14, 2011

Today it rained in our corner of Kentucky. While I was at school using all the tricks in my arsenal to get hyper 16 year olds to engage in a little silent sustained reading, Geoff was at home handling farm logistics. Two customers stopped by today in search of Guinea eggs (pictured below). When Geoff first told me that the customers were looking for Guinea eggs I assumed they were foodies looking for a unique breakfast treat. Turns out, they want to hatch them out. Geoff has been setting aside all of our Guinea eggs in the hopes of hatching some. We had enough to sell two dozen to the nice folks who stopped by. We are such an diversified operation :)! My favorite part of having Guineas is that they are such creative egg layers. Every day is like an Easter egg hunt searching for where those little buggers have decided to bring forth their bounty. Remind me later to tell you all the things I think Guinea fowl and Aaron Burr have in common.

The Guinea eggs are the little ones.

Now for the Scooter story. As you may know, Scooter is a giant scaredy cat. He is afraid of everything including shadows. He is especially afraid of new people which makes him the worst welcome dog a farm could ever have. In spite of all this, as we have gotten more visitors to the farm, he has learned to warm up to people pretty quickly. The thing is, he does not show his affection in socially appropriate ways. The way you know that Scooter has warmed up to you is by the fact that, as you walk along, he is jumping up and throwing his body against your back. Think Elaine from Seinfeld screaming “Get out!” Scootie likes to tell people to “Get out!” as a way of welcoming them in. If you are a member of our family you are used to Scooter jumping up and greeting you at eye level. But for strangers, these moves can be awkward and intimidating. Especially the “Get out!” move because it involves Scootie rebounding off of your butt. The poor woman who came to buy Guinea eggs today got a full dose of Scooter’s welcome treatment. Awkward. We’re working on training him to be better, but he has a lot of flair. It is hard to stamp out flair (See photo below).


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  1. yo momma permalink
    March 15, 2011 10:09 AM

    Scootie does have his own effervescence!

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