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Serious, hardcore mittens.

February 27, 2011

Geoff and I just watched Million Dollar Baby on AMC, and I have a question. Why are they called boxing gloves when they are really boxing mittens?Boxing gloves implies that the boxer can move each finger independently, which we know the boxer cannot. Boxers are wearing mittens. Serious, hardcore mittens.

Speaking of serious, hardcore mittens, we have almost reached the end of February. If I am able to successfully post something to this blog tomorrow, then I will have achieved my goal of writing a post a day for 28 straight days. We’ll have to see what happens. I don’t count my chickens before they are hatched.

Speaking of not counting chickens before they hatch, there is a strong possibility that Geoff and I will become chicken parents later tonight. Twenty-one days ago Geoff placed 40 eggs into the incubator. Chicken babies take about 21 days to grow and hatch. We’ll see what happens. I for one will consider us victorious if even one of the chickie-booms hatches. Even if none do, we will try again. The weather will be on our side this time around because we’ll be able to grab the eggs before they freeze and keep them at higher temperatures so that the baby chicks have a chance to grow. I will keep you posted on the fate of the first forty as soon as we know anything.

In other news, there are a lot of really important days coming up soon. In exactly one week I turn 31. In case you did not already know, I am a huge fan of my own birthday. It is a good thing that Geoff’s birthday is in September because I like to spend four to six months in advance getting psyched about the big day. I know some people dread their birthdays or dread getting old. I do not. I have not had a birthday yet that I was not excited about. Last year we flew to Kentucky and bought a farm the day before my birthday. I don’t see us topping that this year, but I am pumped nonetheless. Geoff got us reservations in Louisville at this restaurant I have been wanting to go to. I’ll report back with the full details from that dining adventure after the fact. In the meantime, Scooter is turning the big 0-2 next week also. He hasn’t told me about anything in particular he wants, so I guess I’ll just have to surprise him.

Don’t forget, it’s Oscar night.

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