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Hora De Feliz

February 24, 2011

I miss Happy Hour. First, I live in a dry county. Second, I live in the middle of nowhere. Third, school lets out at 3:00 PM which is probably a little early even if all of the other obstacles were overcome. I am not a booze hound, but there is something magically restorative about getting together with your friends and colleagues after a long week at work and sharing in laughter, conversation, tasty appetizers, and blue agave that has fermented and then been accented with lime. I think spending most of my adult life in a city like San Antonio increased my love for Happy Hour. San Antonio is a festive, fun loving city. They take a week in April just to have a party. A Fiesta for the sake of fiesta. They celebrate everything–Rodeo, the Spurs making the playoffs, the Alamo, art, veterans, whales–everything. And what better way to celebrate than Happy Hour.


Happy Hour circa 2008, Starring Cody P

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  1. yo momma permalink
    February 25, 2011 4:46 PM

    I bet your new teacher friends from TCHS could rock a happy hour and I’m pretty sure that Garcia’s doesn’t even serve pickle dogs. They do have great Margarita’s, chips and salsa though.

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