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The saga continues…

February 19, 2011

I will give you three guesses about where Geoff is right now, and the first two don’t count.

That’s right. Geoff is out in the chicken coop. Again.

Before I explain why Geoff is spending the night, again, with chickens, I’d like to take this opportunity to detail all of the “farming” I have done today.

First, I sold six rabbits. Geoff was actually responsible for attracting the buyer through a craigslist ad, but I gave the buyer directions and stayed home to complete the sale because Geoff had a job interview in town. As lucrative as farming is, Geoff is looking for a part time job that will provide enough liquid income for us to begin some of the major building and animal procuring projects on the farm. I think I did a really good job selling the rabbits. I answered a lot of rabbit and farm related questions correctly. I captured the bunnies and helped them stay calm while we loaded them into the crates the buyers brought. I also gave out stickers.


Now I gotta get crackin on selling some chicken eggs, of which we have many, even in spite of the rampaging chicken assasan.

Speaking of chickens and eggs, another thing I did today as a farmer was take Geoff back into town after his interview to get longer bolts. Apparently the bolts he originally bought for the Chicken Choo-choo (a moveable hen house that allows laying hens to rotate from pasture to pasture) were too short. When we got to Lowes I reached my hand into the pocket of my jacket where I found, wait for it, two perfectly in tact chicken eggs. Miraculously, in spite of being in my pocket without me noticing them for almost twenty-four hours, they had not broken. I know what you are thinking. How did those chickens lay two eggs in the pocket of farmerlady’s jacket. Well, as talented as they are, they didn’t. Instead, farmerlady, distracted by chicken murders and husbands sleeping in barns and coops, placed two chicken eggs in her pocket that she should have immediately put into a carton in the fridge. Instead, she forgot, hung her jacket on the coat rack, and went on with the rest of her life. Unfortunately, two eggs had to be destroyed because of my carelessness.

Now back to Geoff. Poor G still hasn’t caught the culprit. He is bundled up in three layers of clothes and is sitting on a hay bale and the seat from our lawn mower in the chicken coop. I am pretty sure if we were a normal family we would have some sort of stadium cushion or camp seat that he could use to give his back support. Instead we had a wrench and the seat of the lawnmower. Geoff is like the back woods MacGyver.

So back woods MacGyver and Chups have a date in the chicken coop while Sweet wife and the pups are spending Saturday night watching Auction Kings on the Discovery Channel and updating my gradebook. This chicken predator is really starting to piss me off.

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