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The Stakeout, Day 2

February 18, 2011
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When we last left our fearless hero, Geoff, he was hiding out up in the barn to prevent our chickens from getting snatched by a possibly cryptozoological predator. His first stakeout led to the catching of zero predators (perhaps we should have had some Dateline reporters hiding up in the barn with Geoff). However, there was a turn in the case today. At O’ ten hundred hours this morning I recieved the following dispatch via email from field agent Geoff.

Subject: Bad News

We are now down 4 chickens in 3 days.

Good news: I know what it’s doing and I have a plan.

Bad news: Friday night in the chicken coop for SH.


During my planning period I emailed Geoff back to inquire what type of animal he believed was the culprit and how he planned to avenge the chicken deaths.

I got this response.

Subject: RE: Bad News

I’ll show you when you get home.


Immediately my mind flashes to the beginning of the movie Back to the Future. You know the scene–Marty McFly is headed over to his friend Doc’s house. Doc is not home but the contraption he has created to feed the dog is there. A series of small chain reactions including an alarm clock, a bowling ball, a can opener all wind across the room and result in the dog getting fed. After I read Geoff’s email I pictured an elaborate series of simple and complex machines stretching from our house to the chicken coop. Something like Wile E. Coyote might have used to try to catch the Roadrunner. Except I don’t remember us owning an anvil.

When I got home from school I was very relieved to discover that Geoff hadn’t spent the afternoon creating an erector set of destruction. Instead he informed me he was headed for another stake out.

After the evening chores Geoff built a little fort of hay bales inside of the chicken coop from behind which he would lie in wait for the chicken killer. The only tricky part of this stake out was that because of the design of the chicken coup I had to lock Geoff inside with the chickens. The door only locks from one side and will not stay shut until it is locked. Fortunately we have a nice set of walkie-talkies for just these kinds of situations.

Geoff logged another three hours of predator stalking time to no avail. We still don’t know exactly what is getting our chicks. We are thinking we might need to enlist Bailey’s help in a good old fashioned hunting expedition. Stay tuned.

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