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Because it is Friday…

February 11, 2011

…and because I challenged myself to a post a day this month, meet Jonathan.


Jonathan is a fruit bat (Geoff would like me to be more specific and say a flying fox fruit bat) that we met on our honeymoon in Fiji. I say we met him because we literally  met him. We were formally introduced to him at dinner one night by the bartender. Jonathan was a permanent, and slightly rowdy fixture of the open air dining room. When he was feeling rambunctious he would swoop people’s tables, but for the most part he just hung out (again, literally) and tried to make friends. He kind of fell in love with one of the other couples on the island and had to be put in fruit bat time out (an actual room/cage they had built for him when he was bad).  It wasn’t unusual for one employee or another of the resort to run around screaming, “Jonathan! Jonathan!” because Jonathan had planned a jail break and was swooping tables again. Trust me when I say, it is always better to know exactly where a two foot tall fruit bat (flying fox fruit bat) is.

One more thing to note about fruit bats. They have giant cha-chas. Embarrassingly giant. In fact, I had to censor this pic of Jonathan. I wasn’t doing it to be clever or ironic. It was n-e-c-e-s-s-a-r-y. Geoff had to inform me that bats are mammals and that ,other than primates, humans are most closely related to bats. So there we were on a tropical island and we have to beware of giant fruit bats with decidedly human looking genitalia. But I guess that is appropriate for a honeymoon, no?

Go ahead and add another animal to the list of creatures whose cha-chas we’ve discussed on this blog. Never let it be said that farmerlady is not a scientist. Obviously

Jonathan made quite and impression. Our honeymoon was over two years ago, and we both still remember Jonathan.

Enjoy your Friday, America.

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  1. McKinley permalink
    February 11, 2011 7:20 PM

    Haha! Daniel and I met Johnathan when we were in Fiji for our honeymoon too! As I started reading the post I thought to myself, “that picture reminds me of the bat from Matangi”. Sure enough, he made a lasting impression on all guests at the resort. And just for other readers, the farmer lady is not exaggerating on the size of any body parts mentioned.

  2. Kelly Milburn permalink
    February 12, 2011 6:22 PM

    Really wish you hadn’t censored the cha chas. Really would like to get a look!

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