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November 23, 2010

I have plenty to write about today, and while soon I will chronicle the adventures of Cody and my parents as they visited Kentucky for Thanksgiving #1, this blog post is dedicated to my sweet husband on our second anniversary.

Let me explain to you, for those of you (everyone) who is not married to Geoff, what kind of husband he is. First, to understand Geoff as a husband you have to have seen the Civil War drama Cold Mountain staring Nicole Kidman and Jude Law. In the film the Civil War happens and Jude Law’s character has to go far away and fight and Nicole Kidman’s character has to stay home and protect the farm. A lot of crazy war type drama goes down and finally Jude Law decides he’s got to get back to Nicole Kidman because war sucks and he cannot be away from his one true love. Meanwhile, Renee Zellwigger is teaching Nicole Kidman how to farm and fight off evil soldiers. The bulk of the movie chronicles Jude Law’s character’s journey back to the woman he loves. He endures every danger, every obstacle, every challenge, but never lets up his dogged resolve to return to the woman he loves. Geoff has this type of determination. He would (and has) climb mountains, carry unbearable burdens, and do whatever it takes to support me. Sidenote: The only part of the movie that is not like Geoff is the part where Jude Law sleeps naked with Natalie Portman. Geoff would not do that. Not even if Natalie Portman was really upset by the Civil War.

More on how Geoff put the sweet in Sweet Husband: 1) We decided to go hiking with some friends in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. Believing I had recovered enough from an earlier knee injury, I bounded wholeheartedly into the trip. By the second day both my good and bad knee were shot and Geoff had to help me hobble down the mountain with all of our supplies (nearly 90 pounds) in his pack.  I couldn’t walk for almost a week and probably would still be living on a mountaintop in northwest Arkansas if it wasn’t for Geoff.  2) Two summers ago Geoff climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at the end of our trip to South Africa and Namibia. I went home to the states because of the afore mentioned knee problems and waited anxiously for Geoff’s safe return. When he got back we looked through his pictures. Mixed in with the requisite pics of his entire travel group smiling proudly at the top of the moutain was one of Geoff standing at the pinnacle all by himself with a small photo in his hand. The photo was the first picture Geoff and I ever took together.  When I said, “What’s that?” He told me that even though I couldn’t be there in person I was there in spirit. I burst into tears. I know how hard hiking and climbing is for me, and can’t imagine the energy and determination it took to climb that mountain. At the end of all that work instead of standing around thinking, “Wow, I’m really kick-ass,” Geoff was thinking of me. What a guy. 3) The other night Bailey got sprayed by a skunk and Bailey and Scooter had to sleep outside (we thought Scootie got sprayed too, whoops.) The dogs barked all night and Scooter threw himself at our doors and windows every few minutes.  Needless to say, the banishment of the pups ripped my heart out. Geoff, in all of his selflessness, offered to go sleep in a tent in the back yard so the dogs would not be alone. He offered multiple times and I know he really would have. I vetoed the idea since it would have been ridiculous, and the dogs survived fine.

By now I hope you are understanding the far reaches that Geoff will go to in order to support and love me. But I have to say, the most impressive aspect of Geoff as a husband is the man he is on a daily basis. He is caring, kind, thoughtful, funny, loving, and the best partner anyone could ever ask for. He works everyday to make our farm a viable, sustainable enterprise that we can be proud of. He is creative, and constantly thinks of innovative ways to make our life here more interesting, productive, and home-like. There is no one else on earth with whom I can imagine moving 1,200 miles away to a place where we knew no one and start a new life.

At school I have a picture of Geoff on my desk. The kids, who have chronic memory loss, always ask me if that’s my husband. I always say, “Yes, and we still really like each other, a lot.” It is my hope for each of those students, and everyone, that they can find someone who challenges them daily to be a better person, to work harder for the benefit of others, to laugh, to have adventures, and to learn more each day. Geoff is definitely that partner to me.

Two years ago today I took a leap of faith and married the man I believed to be my best friend. Now, two years later, I can say the man I am married to is the best friend of my heart and the greatest partner any woman could have.


You should be :).

Happy Anniversary, Geoff!

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  1. sally ferguson permalink
    November 23, 2010 11:05 AM

    geoff is a lucky man !! my love to you both– what a joy to know such happy people !! gg

  2. Chatty Chapman permalink
    November 26, 2010 9:28 PM

    Yes, I believe your wedding might be the best thing I have done in my ministry. You two are a blessing to each other and a blessing to me. Happy anniversary. Love you both – Chatty

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