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A year in the making…

November 2, 2010

Halloween weekend 2009 Geoff and I boarded a plane and headed out to investigate the first in a series of potential properties that eventually led us to Good Life Ranch. It is hard to believe that in just a year since the idea popped into our heads we are now living and farming on 156 acres of our very own. While I can take credit for the initial idea, the work that has led us to being the proud parents of six goats, eleven turkeys, dozens of chickens, fifteen guinea fowl, and thirty laying hens was almost exclusively Geoff’s.

This weekend we were able to celebrate our farm-aversary and Geoff’s hard work with a visit from our dear friend Adele. Adele participated in one of my favorite GLR traditions–homemade pizza night. We enjoyed pizzas made with sautéed onions, shallots, garlic, baby bella mushrooms, and fresh mozzarella, complemented by a salad of arugula, swiss chard, and Simpson lettuce from the garden. Geoff and I also had the privilege of introducing Adele to the redneck ninja, with whom we ourselves had only recently become acquainted.

One of the most hilarious aspects of Adele’s visit was Scooter’s reaction. A little background–Adele’s dog Wilbur is from the same litter of abandoned San Antonio street dog that Scooter comes from. Wilbur and Scooter are blood brothers and other than Geoff and I, Adele is probably the adult human that Scooter is the most familiar with. Scooter’s normal response to visitors is barking, fear, running away, and then, after hours, a cautious acceptance. Scooter recognized Adele instantly. He barely let out a cautionary bark before he was on her lap whispering sweet nothings into her ear. The whole rest of the weekend Scooter was like, “Oh, Adele, can I get you anything?” “Oh, Adele, you want to see my toys?” “Oh, Adele, can I show you how melodious my barking voice is?” “Oh, Adele, I know how to jump and spin, wanna see?” “Oh Adele, have I shared with you my Enrique Iglesias impression?” We had to practically pull Scotter off of her so she could have a moment’s peace. Scooter, who forgets who Geoff is anytime he goes into the bathroom to take a shower, somehow, miraculously, remembers his brother’s mother. I hear Lifetime is planning to make a movie about this.

On Saturday Adele became the first of our guests (besides my Dad), to help us with hard farm labor. Geoff, Adele, and I moved the goats to a new paddock, and Adele was an expert assistant. Maggie, our livestock guardian dog, also approved of Adele’s work. Although Maggie is a serious professional, she loves human attention. She gave me and Adele plenty of lovin’ as we prepared the new paddock.

Adele also got to see up close and personal the complete goodberness  that is the GLR Turkeys. When it comes to personality, our Turkeys are not in short supply. Almost on cue they chased Scooter so that Adele could witness their most hilarious trick.

Getting visitors from our former life makes this new experience all the more real. It is comforting to know that although we’ve moved thousands of miles away, our friends from our old life can become a part of our new life.

And remember, don’t go ninjaing anyone who don’t need ninjaing.

















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