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Loui-Loui, Oh Baby, We gotta go…Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay

June 26, 2010

We made our very first trip to Louisville today in search of discount furniture, wine, and a Target. Louisville is almost two hours away from the farm, so it was a bit of a trek. We haven’t had a coffee table in over six months and I decided it was high time we stop using unpacked boxes and start getting a reliable, actual piece of furniture. Louisville was wonderful. Everyone was incredibly nice, and we took a few scenic detours so we got a feel for both the commercial and residential parts of the city. And, we scoped out the airport so we can give my parents good advice on how to travel efficiently from there to the farm.

The past several days have been full of fun and interesting facts and informational tidbits. Firstly, Geoff and I were both surprised to learn, today, that Fort Knox is in Kentucky. We drove right past it. I had to Google it to make sure I wasn’t seeing some sort of decoy Fort Knox used to trick robbers with poor research skills. But it was the real deal. Also, did you know that in between Louisville and Campbellsville there is a flea market that is literally called, “The Most Awesome Flea Market in the World.” Well there is.

The Most Awesome Flea Market in the World

We have also had several neighborly visits in the past few days. I missed two-thirds of them because I was in town running errands. But today I got to meet David, one of our Amish neighbors. He is a farmer and he and his son have graciously agreed to hay our fields for us. His son was the twelve (actually thirteen) year old I saw driving the tractor the other day. I also got to meet his little baby son today who was helping him plant the field. I’m using help in the most loose sense of the word. I need to get crackin’ on some nice neighborly gifts for these guys because David’s son picked me a pint of blueberries and a pint of blackberries as a gift, and our elderly neighbors brought me some squash. I discovered yesterday that I can make lemonade like nobody’s business, so maybe that would be a nice gift. If anyone has any good suggestions for nice neighborly gifts, please chime in.

Tomorrow I am going to church in town and I am very excited to meet some more of the local citizenry. I will also be making another trip to Louisville tomorrow because one of the two tables we purchased today was busted. And Monday begins my pounding the pavement of every school district within a 50 minute drive of the farm in search of a teaching position. I got some good leads today and hopefully I will be able to make them pan out on Monday.

My final goal for tomorrow is to convince Geoff that he should come with me to see the 9PM showing of “The A-Team” at our local theater. Nothing says summer like a movie based off of a TV show staring a guy who isn’t exactly Mr. T.

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  1. Laurie permalink
    June 26, 2010 6:27 PM

    A-team is an awesome movie if you are good at suspending disbelief!

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