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“So I put my life in a U-Haul…”

June 13, 2010

T-minus twenty-four hours until departure. Virtually everything is packed. We have not packed the TV or the router, so we are still able to do civilized things like watch the World Cup and update our blogs. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I love the World Cup. I think it is partly because everywhere on earth I have travelled I have seen little kids of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and financial circumstances playing soccer. Some of the kids were barefoot and playing with a ball that was hardly round, but they were still playing and loving soccer. It involves teamwork, and graceful athleticism. I just like it. Packing to the soothing buzz of the voovozelas has also been a treat. I brought one back from our trip to South Africa last summer and when I get stressed from packing I join in with the fans on TV.

Last night we said goodbye to more friends. Today we’ll say goodbye to even more. Then tomorrow, if all goes well, everything will fit in the U-Haul and we will be on our way to Geoff’s parents house by noon.

Below is a gallery of some of the sad signs of moving: my empty classroom, a house full of boxes, and me with my game face and official packing attire.

Goodbye, Room 203

Bye, Bye, Rental House Kitchen

Cross your fingers. Hope it fits.

You are correct. My wristbands do indeed say, "Dang." Feel the intensity.

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  1. June 13, 2010 8:59 PM

    Hi Lindsey-
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I can only imagine the rush of emotions you are experiencing right now as you leave so much familiarity to start a completely new chapter of life. Hang in there…it will be an adjustment, but I truly do look forward to hearing about the wondrous things God has in store for you and Geoff.

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