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Thank you for your support.

June 10, 2010

Around 10:30 last night (yes I know, past my bedtime) I finished what is basically the final draft of my speech. I will probably tweek it a little bit over the course of the day, but essentially it is finished.  I am still pretty nervous about delivering it, and my stomach is a wreck. Everything is going according to plan.

In a few moments I will head over to ISA for the last time. I have just a few more personal items in my room to load into the car, and just a few more pieces of business to take care of before I am officially finished. I have managed to keep it together up to this point, but today is going to be  a hard day. How wonderful to be in a circumstance where I get to leave something good for something else that is good, and all of my own accord. The friends I’ll say goodbye to today will still be my friends, and eventually there will be a whole group of new people, Kentuckians, who will know me, call me friend, and support me like all of the wonderful people I am leaving behind have.

If you are interested in watching the ISA graduation live tonight at 7PM Central time, the just click on this link. There is also a link on the North East ISD home page. Our graduations are a little bit different from the traditional high school graduation. You’re in for a treat if you choose to tune in. Either way, thank you for your support. Congratulations International School of the Americas Class of 2010!

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  1. sally ferguson permalink
    June 10, 2010 9:33 AM

    Lindsey–Will be thinking of you every minute- think you are exceptional to rise to this challenge -congratulations !! GG

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