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It is starting to sink in.

June 5, 2010

In exactly ten days we will wind our way to Kentucky and the start of our new life. I haven’t written in a while because Geoff and I have been very busy saying goodbye to our old life. As we speak Geoff is on one last Texas Gulf Coast fishing trip with some of his friends. I spent the day packing up my classroom (until the lack of AC drove me to other tasks), getting my car inspected (three months late), getting an oil change, eating lunch at a local favorite restaurant, and staving off impending sadness with a three hour nap.

School ended on Thursday for the students and our official last day is this coming Thursday. My tenure as a teacher in San Antonio will culminate in the high honor of getting to address the class of 2010 at their commencement ceremony Thursday night.  The speech and the entire ceremony will be broadcast live on the web via our school district’s website. Our entire school community has been so great about sending us away with love and great care. Some of the families of our students got together and threw the entire sophomore class a party to celebrate the class and say goodbye to Geoff, me, and another one of our colleagues. I am going to miss all of our students (and their families) so much.

One of my students this week wrote me a letter that in addition to being touching has also really made me think. As a teacher, I am always encouraging my students to reflect on their learning. They complete portfolios discussing their growth over the course of the year, they write journals, and they are constantly challenged to take their learning with them and apply it to other scenarios. My brilliant student reminded me in her letter that I too should reflect about this experience. If I am going to make the most of this lifestyle change, I need to reflect on what I’ve learned over the last seven years of teaching, the last 12 years in San Antonio, and these last few weeks of packing, saying goodbye, and preparing to move.

Today’s entry is the first of many reflections. Last Saturday we sold our dining table and chairs, our couch, a large lounge chair, and several other big items. The rental house is now pretty vacant. While we are thankful for the breathing room, it also drove home the idea that we are about to leave. Scooter and Bailey are aware that something is up. Well Bailey is aware. Scooter is just happy to have more lounging and frolicking space.

The nearly empty living and dining rooms.

We were very lucky to have several friends stop by the garage sale to sit and chat and reminisce. And, we must be popular because we were also visited by a couple million mosquitos.

As a reward for our dedication to selling our personal items in ninety degree temperatures Geoff and I went out and purchased really cool farmer hats. Since we all know that Sun Safety is my middle name, these hats were an important investment.

Another highlight of last weekend was that my mom and dad came down for one final visit to San Antonio. They stayed downtown on the river and we met them for dinner and brunch the next day. Looking at the panoramic view of downtown from their hotel window I was struck by how much I really do love this city. I know Geoff will miss the students and our friends and the food, but I am going to miss all of those things and every brick, every cool old building, every physical location in this city where I have shared a dinner, or learned something, or worked, or served, or frolicked, or rested. This entire city is filled with memories that I will think about daily in our new home.

We’ve got a rough week ahead. We’ll be closing out everything. We’ll be saying goodbye to everyone. I’ll do my best to be a more dedicated blogger this week, first so that you don’t think I’ve dropped off of the planet, and second so that Geoff and I will remember exactly   what we were thinking and feeling in these last moments in San Antonio.

P.S I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our team. Say hello to Dolly. I named her after Dolly Parton, one of my personal heroes. Dolly will be helping us haul our stuff from here to Kentucky and then once we get to KY she will be an integral member of the farm family.

Hello, Dolly.

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