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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Chicken

May 25, 2010
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Our giant metal chicken has spent the past three nights at my friend Cassie’s house awaiting his escort over to our place. She graciously dropped him off today after school and he was waiting for me when I got home. Anticipating Scooter’s timid, fraidy-cat, nature, Geoff waited until I got home to introduce the dogs to the giant metal chicken in the back yard. As predicted, Bailey charged right up to the giant metal chicken, smelled him, and ran off to play. Scooter hid behind Geoff, then ran inside, then hid under the kitchen table. After some enticement he came back out onto the porch, but not for long. Turns out real little puppies are afraid of fake big chickens. Over time I am sure the giant metal chicken and Scooter will be able to work together, but for now we’ll just have to continue to provide Scooter personal escort service into the back yard.




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