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If Barbie liked corn, she’d love eating at our house.

May 13, 2010

I do not often cook red meat, but the other day at Whole Foods they had some responsibly raised steaks at a reasonable price, so I got some. I really wanted to try to cook the steaks restaurant style by searing them in a pan at super high temps and then finishing in the oven at equally high temperatures. My plan was great, my execution had a few flaws. Problem number 1: Even though in my mind I know that olive oil has a low smoking point for some reason I used olive oil instead of say grape-seed or canola in the pan. The second the steaks hit the pan the entire house filled with smoke. The great news is that we do have a smoke alarm. I had feared we didn’t since in my mind I could not recall where it was located. The bad news is that we don not have a hood over the stove. We were forced to turn on every fan and open every door to vent the smoke. There is definitely still some residual smoke left in the house.

The pan searing happened and then the steaks went straight into the oven. In terms of presentation, the side that was seared in the oven looked better than the stovetop side, but I really feel like I could do it perfectly next time. We served the steaks alongside rosemary oven roasted potatoes and the corn harvest from our garden.

If you remember Tom Hanks eating from the tray of crudités in his white tie and tales in the movie Big, then you’ve got a pretty close approximation to the size of the corn our garden produced. As I’ve mentioned before, the soil here is less than ideal. Our Kentucky garden is sure to produce vegetables in sizes that will dwarf the Barbie Dream House varieties we’ve been growing here.

Behold the feast:

Geoff presents the corn (a very important part of eating small corns).

Close inspection of the small corn.

This is a really flattering angle for the corn.

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  1. sally ferguson permalink
    May 14, 2010 10:21 AM

    beautiful corn – and dinner– would love to eat at your house !! Can hardly wait to see your farm meals! My 33 cents a spear asparagus looks kind of pitiful– gg

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