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The Problem with Prom

May 2, 2010

The problem with Prom is that most of it takes place after my bedtime. Last night I helped chaperone our school’s prom. In previous years I have volunteered to chaperone the early shift because I know I don’t like to stay up late, and in previous years I have ended up staying later than my shift. Proms have a way of sucking you in. So, this year I decided to sign up for the last shift so that my time at prom would be finite. The problem is the last shift is from 10pm to Midnight. Every fiber of my being rejects staying up late. I would make a terrible long haul trucker, third shift factory worker, late-night security guard, or any other job or hobby that breaks my sleep routine. Still, I thought signing up for the last shift was the best way to maximize my time.

Geoff is our school’s prom photographer which requires him to be present for most of the prom. He left for the prom at 6:30 to get all of his equipment set up. From six-thirty until nine I engaged in some rowdy play time with the dogs so they would not destroy the house in our absence. Then I got dressed and headed off to prom. Geoff boycotted formal wear this year, but looked very photographer-y in his boots, jeans, oxford shirt, and corduroy blazer. My dress was from a couple of years ago, but it fit the “glam pop” theme so I recycled it. I stayed awake through the prom and the “take down” which lasted until 1 AM. AND I even got eight hours of sleep, but going to bed so late has totally thrown my day off.

I worked out, went to the grocery store, did some laundry, and then turned into a Zombie. Geoff was watching the cubs game so I sat down with him two watch and woke up two hours later. Just so you know, these drastic changes to the schedule have also affected Scooter. He’s acting like a miniature puppy zombie. It’s not pretty.

Prom was a lovely event, but I’ll be much more positive about it when we get smart and start holding it at two in the afternoon.

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  1. Sheila McGuire permalink
    May 2, 2010 4:01 PM

    Do children fall into that “job or hobby” category? Maybe Scooter is just waiting to be trained for nanny duty!

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