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Aspara-guess What?

April 28, 2010

The people from whom we bought our farm are living there until just before we arrive. They generously sent us the first batch of asparagus from their (now our garden). For those who don’t know, if you plant asparagus from a seed it takes at least three years before you have your first edible crop. The fact that this farm already had asparagus was a huge selling point. In fact, early on, I might have been quoted as saying the asparagus was the only selling point of a farm in Kentucky. I have grown a lot since then. Nonetheless, we have asparagus, thanks to Michael and Nanae! And, not only were they kind enough to send it, they meticulously wrapped portion sized bundles in moist paper towels and saran wrap. It arrived fresh and undamaged.

This was literally the freshest, most tender asparagus Geoff or I have ever eaten. Even the hugest stalks were supple and tasty. I steamed them briefly then added a dab of butter and a dash of sea salt. What a wonderful way to commemorate day 47.

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