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49 Days Left

April 26, 2010

Feel the fury.

This is the pic Scooter will use when they put his face on Mt.Rushmore

Scooter contemplating whether he should max out his Roth IRA or invest in international midcaps

Today on the countdown we catch a glimpse into the many faces of Scooty. Scooter loves lazy afternoons, sitting in MY favorite chair, and monitoring the security of our home. Note the decorative fabric hung across the window to obscure Scooter’s view of passing cars, neighbors, the elderly, etc. He can’t bark at what he can’t see. Well, actually, he can. But the fabric helps a little. We’ve tried to explain to Scooter and Bailey that in just over a month they will have more freedom than they have ever imagined. Unfortunately, we don’t speak crazy, so they can’t understand what we are saying.

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