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Hunting, sort of

April 8, 2010

It occurred to me today that I am unemployed. Technically I am employed until June 10th, and technically I will receive my last pay check at the end of July, but after that, I am really unemployed. I mention this with the ernest understanding that I am the one who quit my job. I guess that makes me actively unemployed as opposed to passively unemployed. Nonetheless, it’s business time (not in the Flight of the Concords sense). After a dramatic scouring of the interweb, I discovered that the town closest to our house has one teaching position open and it is for an English teacher. Words can’t adequately describe how wonderful it would be to work only fifteen minutes from the farm. Most of my other employment prospects are over fifty minutes from the farm, a big difference. Tonight I am finishing up the final polishes on my resume and sending a carefully crafted email to the school principal. Technically, I am still not certified in KY, but the paperwork, stamps, and seals are all nearly completed, affixed, and embossed. Even if I do get hired on somewhere, Geoff and I are looking at as many as two months with out a paycheck. If we are lucky, whatever district hires me will distribute it’s first pay check at the end of August, but during my first year of teaching I did not get my first pay check until October 1st.  We’ve been careful about saving, so we’ll be fine, but it is a very intimidating idea to think that the check that has been deposited directly into my bank account every month for the past seven years will suddenly not appear.  I have tremendous respect and sympathy for all of the individuals who’ve lost their jobs during the economic downturn.  Geoff and I are looking at only a few weeks of uncertainty while countless families across the country have dealt with months and months of uncertainty.

The job hunt is on. I’m already looking for a blaze orange business suit.

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  1. Bonnie Brawner permalink
    April 9, 2010 6:04 AM

    Mmmm….blaze orange business suit…I somehow feel like that might be a little over the top even for professional Kentucky farmers. Unless you’re going for a job as part of the best dressed road crew on the side of the highway, or plan to go to work for the Kentucky Dept. of Corrections, I vote ‘no’ on the orange business suit. And I don’t even have that much fashion sense.

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