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Springtime is for Bloggers

March 11, 2010

Today the spring fever set in. What seemed like a mild case has proven pandemic. The problem is this: everyday this week has started out cloudy and a little chilly. I leave the house thinking, what a great day to be inside, helping the children, changing lives. But as soon as the first bell rings at 9 o’clock, the clouds part, the heavens open up, and springtime unleashes itself. Suddenly, it is not a great day to be inside, it is a great day to take the children fishing, or to read books on lawns, or to nap in hammocks, or to frolic with puppies. I know this. The students know this. My colleagues know this, but, alas, there is nothing we can do.

In moments like these I think to myself, “WWSD?” What would Scooter do? Scooter, that frat dog among men, that care free, easy going, party animal (literally), what would he do? Scooter would wiggle his butt. Scooter would nap outside. Scooter would romp. Scooter would flash a shit-eating grin (unfortunately, literally). But, as we have established before, Scooter is unemployed, so following his example is probably not the best bet. Tomorrow is the day before spring break. In the world of teaching this day is tied for craziest with the day before winter break and only slightly less crazy than the last day of school. So tomorrow I will do my best to harness my inner adult and abandon my inner puppy. In a perfect world, however, we would all be wiggling our butts and muddying our paws in weather like this.



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  1. Bonnie Brawner permalink
    March 11, 2010 9:20 PM

    And to top it all off, we have to dress up tomorrow, too? It’s all wrong.

  2. Bonnie Brawner permalink
    March 11, 2010 9:25 PM

    By the way, tonight I read my Mom a couple of my favorite posts that you’ve written – it’s better to laugh with someone. But at one point she was laughing and started choking and had to excuse herself from the room, …so now I’m mad at you. Grr. Don’t be so funny!

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