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Once Upon a Time…

January 12, 2010

I have spent my entire life so far living in cities whose populations were 1,000,000 people or larger. I grew up in Houston (3,000,000), studied abroad in London (7,000,000) during college, and now reside in San Antonio (1,000,000). Therefore, it comes as a shock to my friends and family that I was the one who suggested to my husband in late October that we abandon our urban lifestyle to become sustainable farmers and experiential educators somewhere in rural America. But I was. And I did. And we are.

Our fairy tale began with the search for the property that will one day become our Garden of Eden. It is only appropriate then that the first property we traveled to see was just outside of Eden, North Carolina. The property itself was gorgeous—a combination of gently rolling pasture and mixed hardwood and evergreen forest, a two acre pond, two creeks, two cabins dating back almost 100 years, and a house I am pretty sure God built (not because it is old, but because it is perfect). The only drawback to the property was the price.  If my sweet, practical husband and I had purchased that property we would have had to spend the rest of our lives working “real” jobs in order to pay off the mortgage. If our sustainable farm enterprise were going to take off we would have to put ourselves in a situation where we could afford to have the farm be our only job. And so in the same mysterious and ethereal way it entered our lives, it just as mystically slipped from our grasp, but not before we made a three-day weekend out of our fall recon mission. As you can see from the pictures, Eden is paradise.

Behold, the forest.

Pond and house.

Tree and cabin.

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